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Besides repairs, we carry a full line of quality iPod Accessories. Portable Speakers Starting at $24.95, Car Chargers $0.95, Home Chargers $9.95, Silicone Skins $9.95, JVC Jelly Earbuds $9.95 and more! 
Before you go to the "big" stores for your accessories, check us out....
Big stores make next to nothing on the iPod itself, then they slam you on the accessories!
iPod Parts in Stock-Ready for Repair

New! Lower Prices!
iPod Touch 2nd gen 8gb Digitizer (outside screen).....$40
iPod Touch 2nd gen 8gb LCD (inside screen)..............$40
iPod Touch 2nd gen 16 & 32 gb Digitizer...................$50
iPod Touch 2nd gen 16 & 32 gb LCD..........................$50
We Do not fix iPod touch 4th gen w/camera! We recommend buying a used replacement from us at a discounted price or a new one from Apple!

Video LCD 
Video Front  White or Black New
Video Front Used
Video Click Wheel
Headphone Jack
Battery Replaced

All prices include installation.

Please take note:
We require a non-refundable $25 cash deposit to determine what is wrong with your iPod. This deposit is applied to the cost to fix your unit. If you decide not to have it fixed, or it is damaged beyond repair (eg.water damaged) then there will be no further charges. The reason for this charge is because as we are troublshooting your iPod, there is the possibility of it being fixed in the process. We can't "un-fix" your iPod once its done.
 If your iPod doesn't require any parts, there will be NO more charge!
Thank You

Many of the services we offer require us to see your specific needs in order to quote a price.

Please call us 
@ 215-465-4142
for more details.

We will update this page frequently as parts become "in and out" of stock, so be sure to check back!

2134 S. Broad St. Phila. PA 19145